Saturday, October 25, 2008

Realistic Organization

I recently did a presentation on the topic of basic organizing. I discussed how the best way to tackle large organizing projects is by breaking them down. The attendees gave me feedback about how relieved they were to hear that just dedicating 15 minutes a day to organizing is acceptable. As a result, I decided to reiterate an earlier point – you don’t have to completely organize your life or even your garage in one day.

Think about it this way – on those organizing shows where they completely overhaul someone’s home, they take a full weekend with a full crew of professionals doing all the heavy lifting. Most of us don’t have a full crew to do that for us. And organizing gets tiring if you try to do it for hours on end. So make it easy on yourself by breaking it down and making your goal achievable. After all, what is more inspiring then achieving your goals?

Set aside a small amount of time that is realistic to dedicate to organizing (this means don’t answer the phone, don’t get sidetracked by children, don’t answer email). Whether it is 15 minutes or two hours, make sure that it is dedicated time where you won’t be distracted. Start with a small section at a time. Pick a closet, a cupboard, a drawer or a corner of the garage. Focusing on a smaller area is less overwhelming and more realistic. Take everything out of that space and divide it into three piles: keep, throw away, or donate/sell. After everything is sorted, put the “keep” pile away in an organized manner. Immediately discard the “throw away” pile, and then either drop off donations or start the selling process of the remaining items. Don’t be tempted to put things away in the middle of this process. That can be done later, after your time is done.

Chip away at the big project. Make your goals small and realistic goals so when you achieve them, you are inspired and motivated to continue on. Congratulate yourself on a job well done! Lastly, make another appointment with yourself to do more organizing. Give yourself the gift of that dedicated time to make your life run more smoothly and be less overwhelming. Being organized is a huge stress reliever and will save you time in the long run. Go for it!

Meagan Farrell, professional organizer, is the owner of Clear the Clutter organizing services. She can be reached at (360) 631-7268 or at Check out her blog at

Friday, October 10, 2008

Storing Stuffed Animals

Do your child’s stuffed toys multiply in the closet overnight? Are they coming out of every orifice because there is no way to really store them? If this sounds familiar, then here is a great solution! Get a bean bag chair cover - just the cover, no filling. Fill it up with all your child’s stuffed animals. Voila! The stuffed animals are contained and your child has a fun chair to read on!

Meagan Farrell, professional organizer, is the owner of Clear the Clutter organizing services. She can be reached at (360) 631-7268 or at Check out her blog at

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Clear the Clutter Featured in Root and Sprout

We are excited to be featured in the last few months' editions of Root and Sprout Magazine. Check us out at