Friday, October 12, 2007

Organizing games, dvds and books

Video games, books, DVD’s – what do they all have in common with rabbits? The answer – they seem to breed in the closets, multiplying exponentially when you aren’t looking. Have you ever opened your drawer/closet or wherever you store these items, only to wonder how you got so many?? Some great tips for keeping these collections under control are as follows:
· Regularly go through your collection, say, every 6 months or so. Be honest with yourself and pull out the items that you truly do not use or will not likely use again any time soon. If you haven’t read, played or watched it in the last six months, it is time to bid it farewell.
· Not sure about a particular item? Maybe you come across a book that you don’t think you want, but aren’t ready to part with yet? Put it in a bag in the garage for a few months. If you don’t go looking for it, you can move it on out.
· Set aside a period of time and focus solely on your task at hand. Many people will set out to de-clutter and instead find themselves playing that game that has been lying at the bottom of the pile for the last year. Don’t get distracted. Create a pile of books you want to re-read, dvd’s you want to watch tonight or games you want to play again soon. Leave that pile alone until you are done organizing.
· Keep your collection organized so that you can see what you have. I have worked with clients who have multiple copies of the same book or game because they forgot what they had and bought duplicates. I have helped clients organize shelves with books behind books, all covered with dust. If you don’t know what you have and you can’t easily access it, you won’t use it. has some fabulous products for organizing these types of products.
· When you are ready to get rid of movies, books or games, list them on is a division of Ebay where you can very quickly and easily list these items. All you have to do is input the UPC number and the item will be listed. Once you sell what you don’t want, you will have the funds to go buy some new stuff that you do want.

Enjoy what you have by keeping your collection under control and neatly displayed. Not only will you have more fun with it, but chances are whomever you share a living space with will be happier too.

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