Monday, November 10, 2008

Organization and Manners

Organization and manners aren’t two things that are often associated with one another, but they could be. Living in a state of disorganization often leads to unintended bad manners. So often people make comments like “I meant to send a thank you note, but I just forgot” or “Sorry your gift is late. I just didn’t have time to get it to you earlier.” These apologies may have come from a lack of organization and time management. So I challenge you to honestly ask yourself this question: would you rather spend the rest of your life apologizing for failing to do things or would you rather get organized??

To take this a step further, disorganization may also lead to the loss of friends or rifts with loved ones. So often people complain that they never hear from friends or that someone never acknowledged a gift they sent. If this happens frequently enough, friendships may end up falling apart or family problems may crop up. You may have had the best intentions in sending a thank you note or making a thank you call for a gift received, but just didn’t get to it because you are unorganized. However, the gift giver can’t read your mind and is left thinking that maybe you just didn’t care enough to make the effort. My Grandmother used to always say that if “you can’t make the time to properly acknowledge a gift, then why should I make the time to send one in the first place.” Again, I challenge you to make a choice today. Is being disorganized worth upsetting or hurting friends or loved ones over? You decide.

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Farmer*swife said...

Great Post! I totally agree! And, I submitted an article to Root & Sprout about manners for December's issue. Though, more for implementing with children.

But, we should start them with the basics, right?

Happy Tuesday!

Farmer*swife said...

FYI? I'm adding you as this week's place I stalk!