Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Product Tip

Lazy susans or turntables, whatever you choose to call them, can be found at any store like Wal Mart or Target. They are inexpensive and oh-so-handy. Here are 5 uses for them:

• Spice rack
• Hair products
• Medicines
• Vitamins
• Cleaning products

I could go on all day, but you get the point. Go pick a few up now and get those cabinets organized!

Not sure what in the world I am talking about? Follow this link to view the product - http://www.rubbermaid.com/rubbermaid/product/product.jhtml?prodId=HPProd100112

Meagan Farrell, professional organizer, is the owner of Clear the Clutter organizing services. She can be reached at (360) 631-7268 or at clear_theclutter@yahoo.com. Check out her blog at http://cleartheclutterprofessionalorganizing.blogspot.com/

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Farmer*swife said...

Great idea! You know, you need to get your blog a little more traffic with all the great tips you have and offer! ;-)