Wednesday, November 3, 2010

5 Quick Tips to Help You Enjoy December

So often I hear people grumbling about all the they have to do in December to prepare for Christmas. With 52 days until Christmas, why not get a few things done now to make December less hectic?

1 - Get your Christmas cards done now. Pick a fun photo and order your cards. You can get the envelopes addressed and stamped and ready to send.

2- Get your shopping done now. Why wait until the malls are packed? Make a list of all you to shop for and get it done now. You may even have time to wrap before the end of November.

3 - Give your child a Santa deadline. In our house, letters to Santa must be delivered by Thanksgiving weekend to give Santa time to shop. This gives Santa's helpers time to get all that shopping done before the 11th hour as well.

4 - Even if you can't get all your shopping done, at least get the shopping done for those you have to ship gifts to. Get the items purchased, wrapped and shipped before the Post Office gets intolerable. Or better yet - shop online and avoid the Post Office all together.

5 - Shop for hostess gifts now. Don't run around hours before a party to find the perfect hostess gift. Get out there now and find a few cute things that would work for any hostess and keep them on hand for when the party inviations come in.

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