Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Purge and Recycle

Our plasma t.v. just died. It was 6 years old and apparently that is well within the life span of one of the earlier models. My husband is thrilled. This is an excuse to get an even larger television. But what to do with the old one?

Clients I deal with are faced with this problem all the time - what to do with old electronics. Costco and Best Buy both have buy back programs for computers, MP3s, cell phones, etc. Those programs are fabulous because not only can you easily recycle your old stuff, but these businesses will give you store credit for them as well. Win, win! Televisions, however, are not on those lists of buyable items.

Enter Earth 911 is a simple site to use. Simply plug in what item you need to dispose of and your zip code. You will get a long list of stores who will take your item and dispose of it properly. I found at least 10 local businesses who will take my television for me. Now off with my happy husband to do some television shopping....

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