Thursday, February 28, 2008

Question and Answer - Garage Sales

Q: I have SO many clothes I just don't need and some extra cash would be very helpful right now.How do you put together a garage sale?When is the best time to have one? how do you set it up?should you advertise?help, i've never had one before!thanks

I have had garage sales in the winter and they are highly succesful, so long as you can do it inside a garage. Advertising is key. Make signs, put an ad in the local paper and list it on Craig's List. Are any of your neighbors interested too? The more homes in one neighborhood, but bigger the draw. Pay attention to when people in your area have sales. I have lived in three different states, and all three places have different strong garage sales days. Saturdays are always a good day anywhere. I would start by 8am. Many of the hard core garage salers start early.Next you need to set up tables, arrange your items and price them. Try to have things arranged in categories such as baby items, household, gardening, etc. Make it easy for people to find what they are looking for as many garage salers have specific items in mind. Make big items visible from the street. Also, make sure things are clean and neatly displayed. People will not buy dirty things or things they can not see. Also, make sure you have plenty of change. People will show up with $20 bills. If you have kids, get them involved. Have them pick some things to get rid of and set up a table and money box for them. Kids get really excited when they get cash for old toys. Sweeten the pot by taking them out the next day to spend some or all of the money they made. This is a great way to reduce their clutter too!Good luck!

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