Thursday, February 28, 2008

Q & A - Moving to a smaller space

Q: Please help need organizing ideas for a small apartment!?
I am moving into a much smaller apartment with my boyfriend in a couple of months..our bedroom furniture is king size and we have alot of stuff in general..the place were moving too the kitchen is very small...i need some more ideas on how to maximize space..this is what i have so far: I am getting an oval hanging pot rack (u hang it fromthe celing and hang your pots from it) i am getting a 2 hanging cabinet door organizors ( u hang them on the inside of the cabinet doors) for the bathroom i am getting a white shelf that has 5 shelves in it and i am putting baskets in it (putting the towels/wash clothes/cleaning supplies in the baskets) I hope I am explaining it right...well there u have it do you have any more ideas? We are trying to save money thats why were moving to a smaller place (plus all utiltiies are included in the rent)

A: Hi - utilize the backs of your doors with door hanging shoe organizers (cheap and can be purchased at Target/Wal Mart). They can be used for office supplies, kitchen utensils, bathroom supplies. Also, huggable hangers (target) are great for maximizing closet space.There are also great foot stools or coffee tables that double as hidden storage space. They are hollow in the middle.Finally, consider what you truly need. Is this a short term move or a long term plan? If it is long term, reconsider the furniture and stuff you have. Consider selling it on Craig's List and using the money you make to buy a CD or money market account. That money can be earmarked for future furniture when you get a bigger place.I would take an honest look at your stuff again after 6 months. If you haven't used it in that time, consider getting rid of it.

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