Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Q&A - Kids Art and School work

Q. Hello Meagan. Okay, how do I go about tackling the pile of papers on my kitchen counter? As I look, it is mostly my kids school work and papers that I have a hard time parting with. For example, the first time they write their name (print or cursive), as they learn a new skill, something they drew, spelling tests, etc.. Help!

A. I am so glad you asked. I have two solutions for you. First off, for the artwork/school work that you want to save, organize it in a portfolio. The one I like best is at www.ttgo.com (item #649P). This portfolio will come personalized with your childs' name and will organize their precious work according to year. It also provides you with limited space which will strongly encourage you to only hold on to the most precious of the work. If you notice that a section starts to get particularly full, I recommend sitting down and going through the pile. I find that Lindsay tends to draw very similar pictures over and over. I go through and choose my top 3 favorites to save and let the rest go.

I am guessing that the other papers are ongoing homework related. If so, I would create a set of inboxs for each child and yourself. When they get assigments they can keep them neatly in their boxes. If there is something that needs your attention, they can put it in your box. This is a great place to house things like spelling lists that will need attention each day. You can find cheap plastic inbox trays at any office store or Target.

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