Sunday, April 20, 2008

Too many cookbooks?

Cook books can be a huge space hog. They can fill up an entire cupboard in the kitchen which is probably already lacking for space. Here is a simple solution. Photo copy the recipes that you use from each cook book and then donate/sell the books. In general, people tend to use the same few recipes from each book. If that is the case, then you do not need the entire book. Photo copy that which you use and keep them in a binder/file folder/recipe box. Without those books taking up precious space, you are free to have a more organized/clutter free kitchen. And what happens if you need to look up a new recipe and you no longer have your books? Check out or www. Both websites have amazing recipes for pretty much any type of cuisine.

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John Trosko said...

Hi Meagan! There is a huge generational gap with this theory. Older people who are not internet saavy HATE this idea (of going to a .com to find a recipe. I have even tried to downsize the cookbooks of loved ones, but it did't work. They still enjoy drifting through pages and pages of salivating recipies. Oh well....


Clear the Clutter said...

Hi John and thank you for your comment. You are correct - many people, of all ages, really enjoy looking through their cookbooks. If that is the case, I would consider it a hobby and would work with them to organize the books appropriately. This article is more suited to those who don't cook much or rarely utilize their books for new recipes. I was guilty of that myself, so when I got myself organized in this manner, I could not wait to share the idea.

Thanks for writing in!

John Trosko said...

Thanks Meagan! Such a great response-- I appreciate you taking the time to respond.