Sunday, October 9, 2011

Reason number ten million and one to process your mail daily....

You know how I always talk about how important it is process your mail daily? Usually I refer to the fact that when you don't process it each and every day it turns into an overwhelming pile that is difficult to tackle. While that is very important, I have a new and personal example to share.

Back in August I went to go pick up my mail and found a letter from Chase corporate offices. My husband and I have had an account with Chase for a while and were in excellent standing - no bounced checks, excellent credit, etc. So you can imagine my surprise when I opened the letter to find that they were closing out our accounts and kicking us out as customers.

I wont get into the gory details right here. Instead I will share the link as my husband and I went straight to the media when Chase would not give us any information. This nightmare has lasted for almost 2 months with no resolution in sight. (If you bank with Chase - GET OUT NOW!)

After you read our article, I want you to think about how much worse the consequences could have been had we failed to read that letter immediately. If this mess up with Chase could happen to us, it can happen to anyone. If you process your mail, email and phone messages each day, you can minimize damages.

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